Racial and Ethnic Minority Populations

Racial and ethnic minority populations have considerably lower rates of flu vaccination than the general population. Close to 5,000 African-Americans and 2,000 Hispanics die each year due to influenza and pneumonia-related complications. The Journal of the National Medical Association published an article, “Disparities in Influenza Immunization Among US Adults” by Jennifer L. Logan, MD, MPH, which addresses these issues in more depth.

The role of physicians and other health care providers in increasing immunization rates, particularly in minority and under-served communities, is key. According to the CDC, evidence-based interventions targeted at reaching minority populations—including the use of reminder/recalls systems, standing orders for vaccination, and regular assessments of vaccination coverage levels among provider practices, immunization registries, and improving public provider awareness of the importance of immunizations for adults—are needed to eliminate these disparities. Visit the links below for patient and physician resources from ACOG and other partner organizations.



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Updated 10/3/17

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