ACOG Resources

  • ACOG Clinical Guidelines: Visit this page to access ACOG Committee Opinions, ACOG Guidline Books and ACOG Practice Bulletins

  • Vaccine During Pregnancy Poster:This poster is designed to educate patients on the importance of receiving the flu and Tdap shots during each pregnancy. 

  • Developing an Immunization Referral System: These tips and strategies assist ob-gyns in developing an immunization referral system for practices that are unable to stock and administer vaccinations onsite.

  • ACOG Coding Resources: Correct coding helps ensure that a practice receives payment for vaccines given to patients. Visit this page to view immunization specific and general coding resources from ACOG 

  • ACOG Patient Records: View descriptions of the patient records that are available for purchase in the ACOG Bookstore

  • ACOG Research: View articles published by ACOG's research department
ACOG Bookstore: Visit the ACOG Bookstore to purchase ACOG immunization materials and other helpful ACOG resources 












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