Hepatitis B Vaccine Recommendations & Safety Information

Hepatitis B Vaccination Recommendations

For a complete overview of Hepatitis B vaccination recommendations, please see CDC's current Current ACIP Vaccine Recommendations: Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B Vaccine Safety

The Hepatitis B vaccine is safe. Soreness at the injection site is the most common side effect reported. As with any medicine, there are very small risks that a serious problem could occur after getting the vaccine. However, the potential risks associated with Hepatitis B are much greater than the risks the vaccine poses. Since the vaccine became available in 1982, more than 100 million people have received Hepatitis B vaccine in the United States and no serious side effects have been reported.

The Hepatitis B vaccine is not recommended for people who have had serious allergic reactions to a prior dose of Hepatitis B vaccine or to any part of the vaccine. Also, it is not recommended for anyone who is allergic to yeast because yeast is used when making the vaccine.


For more information regarding Hepatitis B vaccine safety, visit CDC's webpage Hepatitis B Vaccine Safety

Source: http://www.cdc.gov/hepatitis/hbv/bfaq.htm


Updated 10/16/15

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